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Featured Product - Mid:Com


e:Count is more than just an electronic counter or register. It's the state of the art for easy mounting and use on any brand or type of meter.

Features include:
  • Large easy to read alpha numeric display
  • Easy to follow legends for all operations
  • Self contained calibration and set up functions
  • Accepts any type of pulse input
  • Built in Enduro Switch® control keys (for harsh environments)
  • Sealed connectors including power, valve control and remote readout
  • Field programmable for custom applications
  • Eliminate change gears, adjusters, linkages and other mechanical parts
The most important feature is it was developed by the one company that has supplied easy to use electronic systems for the truck meter business for 30 years, MID:COM.

e:Count can be connected to an Epson slip printer, our own impact or our new thermal printer, to provide basic pump and print functions. Our modular design allows a user to upgrade the system by adding components in the cab and leaving the original register, valve and cables to the meter intact. Possible upgrades include all of the current MID:COM computers, general purpose computers and other common peripheral components.

MID:COM 8000...

MID:COM 8000 is the workhorse of our product line. It is the ultimate, rugged, easy to use cab mounted computer, printer and data transfer system. Using the SD Data Card the driver has access to 50,000 complete customer records. An easy to follow menu guides the driver through the delivery process. The most popular Software providers offer a MID:COM interface that provides automatic posting from the data card to your accounts receivables.

Return on Investment
  • Electronic Temperature Compensator reduces shrinkage by 1%
  • Increases driver efficiency by 10% to 15%
  • Reduces meter maintenance by 50%
  • Eliminates handwritten tickets and driver pricing errors
  • Reduces ticket posting time by 90% and eliminates posting errors
  • Eliminates postage costs
Connecting the World... Our systems include multiple serial ports that give us the connectivity we need in today’s fast changing world. Examples of other devices we are connected to include GPS antennas to geocode tank locations, cell phones and radios to provide real time data transfer and other computing devices.


This simple button reading system works with the MID:COM 8000 computer system, to greatly reduce the labor involved for fleet fueling or on-site fueling operations. The rugged RF transmitter (wand) and cab mounted receiver send vehicle or equipment identification to the 8000 computer. Each unit being fueled is equipped with a Dallas iButton®. These rugged stainless steel iButtons® come standard with a unique serial number and are also available in a programmable format. When programmed they can show actual unit identification and can prevent dispensing the wrong fuel by not opening the valve if the wrong fuel is selected.

Using this system keeps the driver at the end of the hose while the 8000 computer keeps track of what fuel and how much went into each unit. Unit identification, date, time and volume are recorded on the data card and a separate roll printer.

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