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Featured Product - Hand Rail Systems

The Lantz's designed hand rail system is a collapsable safety railing for obtaining access to the tops of mobile equipment of various heights - such as cargo tanks.

The railing has a collapsed first position...

hand rail in DOWN position

...and a second position that is vertically erect...

hand rail in UP position

The hand rail system is activated by a safety door on the ladder...

When the door is in the open position the trailer brackets are locked and the hand rail is in the up position. This feature does not allow the driver to drive away with the hand rail up.

To request a video of our hand rail system, please feel free to e-mail us here or call 812.425.4439.

Patent # 10/794,642

Evansville Location
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Phone (812) 425-4439

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Phone (317) 487-1111

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